Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Good news I'm staying in Lausanne!🎉 I am so excited to be here
another 6 weeks! It is the best! Sister YY is headed to Lyon today ☹
she will do great I'm excited for her. She has never served in France
and is almost finished with her mission. So she is really excited.
Almost every companion in the zone is changing with is so sad! Ah, how
can I do this every 6 weeks!! Haha.
My new companion is Sœur Pellucchi. She is from Italy, and is so
cool!! I met her when we stayed in Geneva for the conference. She
lives in the house we stayed at. She is so sweet I am so excited to
serve with her!! Also she sings SO well! She sang at the conference!
It will be a great transfer I'm so excited!

Happy Easter yesterday! We had a good Easter here! Church was great! I
love our ward! Everyone is just the sweetest. And they gave us
chocolates and such ha, it was great! After we met with an ami, Rosy.
She is doing really well and we are excited about the progress that
she is making!

So sad to hear about the missionaries and everyone affected by the
terrorism in Belgium. We only have heard a little but that is so sad!
As a precaution, President has sad we cannot use the metro until
further notice. It is hard, we use it all the time but better safe than
sorry! It takes over an hour to get to church now ha! We take buses
and walk.

I had my exchange in Neuchâtel! It is SO pretty there, I would love to
serve there! I have a few pictures that I will send! It was a really
busy exchange.  We got there at 12 and had rendezvous all day and left
at like 10 the next morning. But it was great I hope to have another
exchange there! 
This week has been pretty normal I think! We have been teaching quite
a bit, this week is going to be really busy! We have a lot of rdvs and
also we are getting all of the Spanish Amis and potential Amis form
the elders! (Sœur Pellucchi speaks Spanish and elder Sauro who speaks
Spanish got transferred out of Lausanne) so that should be exciting.
Haha I have a hard enough time teaching in French haha!

It has been so great here! I love missionary work! I'm so excited for
this transfer! Hooray! 🎉

I'm glad that all is going well!! Have a great week! Sure do love ya!

Love you!

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