Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Bonjour de la France!! Can you even believe it! I'm in France! And I

LOVE IT! I love Swiss too, but this is a different love! I love how cute
and quaint everything is!! Is is so fun! And oh my the food! I had my
first really French baguette today and it was amazing! Sister Bright
is probably getting annoyed at how many time I say, "Oh my gosh look! I
love that!" Haha but it is so true it is amazing! Sometimes is just
hits me, "Hey I'm in France" and it's the best feeling! Ha! But it also
made my realize how clean Switzerland was! Haha!

Let's see this has been the longest week, just trying to figure
everything out, but it has been an amazing week! It has been a little
hard white washing, but the elders left good notes and such! And WE
HAVE A SR COUPLE HERE!! YAYA!! They are the best! Elder and sister
Snow! They are so awesome they have come with us to some RDV's and
they drive us to the ones that are far from town. They are the
sweetest! It is like having a set of grandparents here serving with us
and it is awesome!

Chalon is so awesome. The ward is so great! The first day we were here
members were calling to welcome us and see if we needed anything.
Church was so great yesterday, there were 26 people who attended, and
it was so great to get to know everyone. Also they have branch
activities here we have already had 3 this last week! The first
was a hike that we went on. It was GORGEOUS! I have  never seen
anything like it! I didn't take my iPad or camera which I'm bummed
about but it was seriously incredible!! We ended up at this old chapel at the
top of the mountain! Ah! So cool!! Also they have music night here
where whoever wants to come can just come and we just sing hymns. It
was really fun! And I guess a member was reactivated because of it!
Also we have FHE every Monday for anyone without kids or active
parents or anything like that. And we have an English class. We have
been really busy! Ha I love it I love this branch!!

So to explain my subject line (I've made it into the French legal system)

...2nd day here. We decided to go visit a

less active on the list the elders left. So we go and we are a little

lost (and probably look very lost) and a police man pulls up. And he
was nice and asked if we needed help and asked if we were selling
bibles. Ha, but we turned it into a conversation and ended up giving
him a card. Haha, well we visited the family and all is well and no joke
2 minutes after another police man pulls up and asks what we are doing
there and asked for our I. D. Luckily I had my passport. And he
continues to enter all our information into some computer. Hahaha!
Then the next day we are porting like 2 miles away from home. And we
look up and the once blue sky is now black. We start walking home and
it starts pouring! I've never been in rain like that!! It was insane!!
We were soaked!! Haha! Welcome to Chalon! It does rain so much here
like Washington I think. I'm so glad I have my rain boots!! I love it!

But really Chalon is amazing I have already met so many amazing
people! It is crazy how you can just love someone so quickly on a
mission! The amis here are awesome! I'm so excited to work with them
more!! Chalon is amazing!! I absolutely love it!!

It is good to hear all is going well!! I love you all so much!!

Sure do love ya!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

It is starting to warm up here and it is so beautiful! There are so
many trees here with flowers and I just love it! I love contacting in
the parks here too! It is so sunny and people are more willing to stop
and listen. It is just the best!

This week has been a great one. Sr. Pelucchi and I have a lot of fun
together! We have been working to find new Amis and work more with the
members. I never realized the importance of members in missionary work
before the mission. It is so important!! We have a few rdv's with
families in the ward this week and we are going to give them a Book of
Mormon to write their testimonies in and give to a friend. Also the
bishop of our ward is really excited about missionary work. They have
really stressed for everyone to bring a friend to stake conference and
also we are having a ward event where we are going to watch meet the
Mormons and everyone is encouraged to bring a friend to that as well!
We are really excited about it!

This week I went on an exchange to Yverdon again. It was so fun!!  I
was with Sister Anderson (she is from Denmark) she is so fun I just
love her! We worked on a farm! AND IT WAS THE BEST! We helped them
chop and stack wood. It took all of my strength to not ask to keep all
of the wood slabs for center pieces. Haha! Also get this. There was
this cow that came up to the fence and it was letting me pet it and
them the lady was like "oh Idaho really likes you" IDAHO!? Yes the
name of e cow was Idaho is that not the cutest! When I told her that's
where I'm form they were so excited! Haha it was so cute.

We also had zone training this week which was really fun! Every
companionship in the the zone changed this transfer! So it was great
to get to know everyone! Also we had a testimony meeting with was so

Really it was just an amazing week! Life is so good!! I'm so glad to
hear that you are all home and doing well!! ALSO KAILANI IS GETTING
MARRIED! Ahhh i'm So excited!! Planning the wedding will be a little
hard from afar but not impossible 😉 haha yay!

Hope you have a Great week!! Sure do love ya!!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Good news I'm staying in Lausanne!🎉 I am so excited to be here
another 6 weeks! It is the best! Sister YY is headed to Lyon today ☹
she will do great I'm excited for her. She has never served in France
and is almost finished with her mission. So she is really excited.
Almost every companion in the zone is changing with is so sad! Ah, how
can I do this every 6 weeks!! Haha.
My new companion is Sœur Pellucchi. She is from Italy, and is so
cool!! I met her when we stayed in Geneva for the conference. She
lives in the house we stayed at. She is so sweet I am so excited to
serve with her!! Also she sings SO well! She sang at the conference!
It will be a great transfer I'm so excited!

Happy Easter yesterday! We had a good Easter here! Church was great! I
love our ward! Everyone is just the sweetest. And they gave us
chocolates and such ha, it was great! After we met with an ami, Rosy.
She is doing really well and we are excited about the progress that
she is making!

So sad to hear about the missionaries and everyone affected by the
terrorism in Belgium. We only have heard a little but that is so sad!
As a precaution, President has sad we cannot use the metro until
further notice. It is hard, we use it all the time but better safe than
sorry! It takes over an hour to get to church now ha! We take buses
and walk.

I had my exchange in Neuchâtel! It is SO pretty there, I would love to
serve there! I have a few pictures that I will send! It was a really
busy exchange.  We got there at 12 and had rendezvous all day and left
at like 10 the next morning. But it was great I hope to have another
exchange there! 
This week has been pretty normal I think! We have been teaching quite
a bit, this week is going to be really busy! We have a lot of rdvs and
also we are getting all of the Spanish Amis and potential Amis form
the elders! (Sœur Pellucchi speaks Spanish and elder Sauro who speaks
Spanish got transferred out of Lausanne) so that should be exciting.
Haha I have a hard enough time teaching in French haha!

It has been so great here! I love missionary work! I'm so excited for
this transfer! Hooray! 🎉

I'm glad that all is going well!! Have a great week! Sure do love ya!

Love you!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Dear Parents,
We are happy to let you know your missionary arrived safely in Lyon this morning. She was met at the airport by President and Sister Brown. After arriving at the Mission Office she had lunch, her picture taken, took care of paperwork, and had an individual interview with President Brown. Tonight she will have dinner with President and Sister Brown as well as the other missionaries that arrived today. She will stay in Lyon tonight. Tomorrow she will meet his new companion who will be her trainer. Then she will have training with President Brown and the Assistants to the President. After the short training she will leave with her companion to go to his first area. We will send you his address and companion’s name tomorrow.

Please see today’s photo in the attachments.
Thank you for sending us such a fine young woman. We will take good care of her.
Soeur Sweeney (from Alpine, Utah)

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Friday, February 12, 2016

February 5, 2016

 Elders in our Branch

Our temple group

I love these sisters!

Matching France shirts

Matching Outfits

New blazer

Our Branch

Our branch with the Branch President and his wife

Our names are both Camille

Sisters in our Branch

Snowy night

Soeur Kelley and Me

The third Camille

 The whole gang

They are so funny

Top bunk life

This week has been really good! A week of growth and learning, the best kind of week really. The other companionship of sisters has really been struggling this week. It makes me SO GRATEFUL for Sœur Kelley. We have never had a problem. Our teachers say that we are the glue for our district. ha! I am just so thankful to have her as a companion and a friend. We are just trying to stay happy (which really is pretty easy here) and trying to help the other sisters in any way that we can. I love our district and I feel that I have learned something from everyone here! 

On Sunday our District did a musical number in church. It was so neat! We sang Souviens-Toi such a beautiful hymn! Do you remember that song dad? It is cantique 179. Definitely listen to it if you can find it, also look up the meaning! I love it! Elder Johnson played the violin, Sœur Kelley played the Flute, Sœur Beatty played the violin, and Elder Lutu, Sœur Long, Sœur Stephens and I sang. 

Sunday night, Sœur Kelley and I gave the lesson in our district meeting. We decided to talk about becoming more like Christ. We found a really neat challenge on called the Love one another challenge. I love it! As we are all doing this and working on it, I feel that I have been able to come closer to Christ and that our district has grown closer. Here is the Link :) 

Elder W. Craig Zwick gave the devotional on Thursday this week. It was so good! He talked a lot about the power and importance of Prayer and the companionship of the Holy Ghost. What really stood out to me was "You can't allow experience to replace the companionship of the Holy Ghost" that is so true! It is so important that we are all striving to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost in all that we do. Humbly pray to our Heavenly Father and he will help you in all things.

Last night we taught our first inactive member (Joshua), I have never felt so weak in my life. It seemed that all of my insecurities and weaknesses made their way out just in time to teach him. Sœur Kelley and I have really been struggling last night and today because we haven't known where to go from here or how to even go about teaching and helping inactive members. Hearing that devotional gives me so much hope! I just need to listen to the spirit and be a bold missionary. I know that through the atonement that my weaknesses can become my strengths. And as I become closer to Christ and further apply the atonement in my life, I can become WHO he knows that I can become.

I am teaching Relief Society on Sunday. That will be exciting! ha I am teaching about the Change that is made possible through that atonement. I am excited! Here is an article that I love and that I am using a lot of the ideas from. I will let you know how it goes :)

I can't believe that tomorrow marks one month on the mission! Ah! I never thought that that day would come! It will definitely be bittersweet going. I have made so many friends here! But I can not wait to be a REAL missionary and help others come unto Christ!

That with the phone sounds great! I'm excited to be able to talk to You all! :) We should get our travel plans today! (Ah Crazy!) Fingers crossed that we have our visas! So we are not sure what the plan is exactly. We will most likely leave the 15 or 16 (probably the 16th) the Canadians that just left, went to the airport at 3 am (ew). but I will let you know :) also that's is exciting about the walmart! 

So you are in Utah today? That is fun! So it is just like another checkup type thing? What all are you thinking of doing with her surgery and things? Also did Carly get the card that I sent?

Happy Anniversary! You both have always been there for me in all that I do. Thank you for always being so supportive and loving in everything. Thank you for encouraging me to become better thorough your examples and love.

That is so fun about the new ward! Sounds like a really good Change :) I love that there are so many people now back in our ward. I am so grateful to have grownup in our ward. There are so many people that have really shaped my life and helped me become who I am through their love and example. And of course the Bishop is the best guy that I have ever met too. :)

What you said about Sister Lee is so true.  We have found that same thing here as we are trying to help with the struggling companionship. What really makes a companionship work is forgetting yourself and serving! I love that! I love sister Lee! She is an awesome example!  Thank you for sharing that with me! I think that is a very important thing to learn on a mission! Missions are the best! 

I got your package! Thank you so much! I am so excited about everything in there it was like Christmas! I Seriously love the blazers they fit prefect! Thank you so much! 

My shoes all fit really well! The Clogs are perfect and don't hurt at all anymore :) Tell Loki that I love her ha!

This week has been so fun! I love the MTC so much! I hope that you have a great week! Sure do love you! 

Sœur Wadsworth

We Just got our flight plans! We are flying out of Salt Lake on the 15th at 8:35 am!

AHH it is so crazy! We fly from there to Atlanta-Amsterdam-Lyon! We will get there at 11:05 AM on the 16th. We are all so excited! I will be in France in a little over a week! I just thought that I would let you know! 

Have a great week! Sure do love you!

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January 29, 2016

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