Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Bonjour de la France!! Can you even believe it! I'm in France! And I

LOVE IT! I love Swiss too, but this is a different love! I love how cute
and quaint everything is!! Is is so fun! And oh my the food! I had my
first really French baguette today and it was amazing! Sister Bright
is probably getting annoyed at how many time I say, "Oh my gosh look! I
love that!" Haha but it is so true it is amazing! Sometimes is just
hits me, "Hey I'm in France" and it's the best feeling! Ha! But it also
made my realize how clean Switzerland was! Haha!

Let's see this has been the longest week, just trying to figure
everything out, but it has been an amazing week! It has been a little
hard white washing, but the elders left good notes and such! And WE
HAVE A SR COUPLE HERE!! YAYA!! They are the best! Elder and sister
Snow! They are so awesome they have come with us to some RDV's and
they drive us to the ones that are far from town. They are the
sweetest! It is like having a set of grandparents here serving with us
and it is awesome!

Chalon is so awesome. The ward is so great! The first day we were here
members were calling to welcome us and see if we needed anything.
Church was so great yesterday, there were 26 people who attended, and
it was so great to get to know everyone. Also they have branch
activities here we have already had 3 this last week! The first
was a hike that we went on. It was GORGEOUS! I have  never seen
anything like it! I didn't take my iPad or camera which I'm bummed
about but it was seriously incredible!! We ended up at this old chapel at the
top of the mountain! Ah! So cool!! Also they have music night here
where whoever wants to come can just come and we just sing hymns. It
was really fun! And I guess a member was reactivated because of it!
Also we have FHE every Monday for anyone without kids or active
parents or anything like that. And we have an English class. We have
been really busy! Ha I love it I love this branch!!

So to explain my subject line (I've made it into the French legal system)

...2nd day here. We decided to go visit a

less active on the list the elders left. So we go and we are a little

lost (and probably look very lost) and a police man pulls up. And he
was nice and asked if we needed help and asked if we were selling
bibles. Ha, but we turned it into a conversation and ended up giving
him a card. Haha, well we visited the family and all is well and no joke
2 minutes after another police man pulls up and asks what we are doing
there and asked for our I. D. Luckily I had my passport. And he
continues to enter all our information into some computer. Hahaha!
Then the next day we are porting like 2 miles away from home. And we
look up and the once blue sky is now black. We start walking home and
it starts pouring! I've never been in rain like that!! It was insane!!
We were soaked!! Haha! Welcome to Chalon! It does rain so much here
like Washington I think. I'm so glad I have my rain boots!! I love it!

But really Chalon is amazing I have already met so many amazing
people! It is crazy how you can just love someone so quickly on a
mission! The amis here are awesome! I'm so excited to work with them
more!! Chalon is amazing!! I absolutely love it!!

It is good to hear all is going well!! I love you all so much!!

Sure do love ya!

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