Friday, January 8, 2016

Bonjour du MTC. C'est une bonne semaine! 

Thank you so so much for the note! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear from you! I am so glad that you are all doing well! I definitely felt of that same peace when you dropped me off that you talked about. I was so worried that I would be a crying mess but I really just felt so comforted and peaceful, I know this is where I need to be :) I am so grateful that you made it home safe and sound and that you had a welcoming committee haha. I love how close our family is! I am going to quote Winnie the pooh here in saying how I am grateful to have something that makes saying  goodbye so hard :) I forgot that Jared had come to the Provo MTC. That's awesome! It is SO much bigger than I thought. Soeur Kelley and I get lost at least once a day ha. It honestly feels like i have been here 2+ weeks! I was talking to Soeur Kelley and said "I really loved that devotional yesterday" turns out it was just a few hours prior...haha. Life if good I really love it here, the spirit it so strong everywhere you go. I never thought I could grow so much in 3 days! 

I am not sure how we were put into companionships, inspiration I guess :) I love Soeur Kelley we get along so well! She is so sweet and has such neat insights that have really helped me learn and grow these last few days. That is cool that mom found her on facebook!  I am so grateful for technology that allows thing like that to be possible! So cool! My whole district is really fun! There are 2 other sets of sisters and 1 set of Elders, all going to Lyon. Elder Johnson's (in my district) dad also served in Geneva. He is from Logan. There are 28 of us that are new in our zone, 20 of us are going to Lyon and 8 going to paris! Mainly sisters! Quite the group, it has been so fun getting to know them better! One sister is actually from Iona (if that how you spell it). I have not heard about the Passport and Visa yet, I assume that we will get them when we leave, no one in my district really knows, so fingers crossed. I am so grateful that we packed my blanket! They have some here but it is nice to have mine! The beds are alright I have a top bunk so that's exciting. I think that we will get our iPads when we get to France or right before. They have not really said anything.

The first day was really like taking a drink from a fire hose ha. I got there and they gave me a huge bag of books and I was one my way to my first class..all in french...Ha I could pick out the important words like "chat" and "bon". haha It will come someday. I am SO grateful that I was able to take that french class in college! definitely a tender mercy :) Our schedules are really busy but good! I love being busy! 

Our language teacher, Frere Kellett said something in class that yesterday that really help me so much, he said coming here we had to leave a lot behind, including the person that you think that you are. The spirit was overwhelming, it instantly changed my thinking. It helped me to break down my walls and realize that I was just who I am, and i am starting to become who our Heavenly Father knows that I can become.   

We were able to go to the Temple with our Zone today! It was so neat! the Provo temple is really pretty! 

I love the MTC! And I know I am where I'm suppose to be! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and advice. That is something that I really need to, and will, take to heart! I love it and you have no idea how it has helped me and will continue to strengthen me. 

I hope that you have a great week! Sure do love ya! 

Soeur Wadsworth

  Soeur Kelley and me
  Sisters in our Residence hall/district
  Provo Temple
  Provo Temple with Soeur Kelley
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 Je suis une missionaire!
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